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Technical Office Contact

Monday - Thursday 8 AM - 6 PM

Friday 8 AM - 5:30 PM

+34 93 715 83 83


Technical resources

There are numerous factors that determine the success during an installation, the distribution of loads and forces, the adequacy of tools, base materials, weather conditions, and so on. Since 1963, CELO-Apolo has been working side by side with distributors and installers to understand the critical points and provide the right solution for each situation.

Our engineers have a solid experience and knowledge in the installation of screws, anchors, fixings and supports in all types of conditions and applications. We have a team of professionals who analyze and evaluate the problems that may arise providing all possible solutions to each.

Contact us, we are ready to help you.

Seismic approval Apolo MEA fixings

A seismic approval ensures the component will withstand and operate normally and with all the guarantees after an event such as an earthquake

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Why use CE approved anchors?

We talk about CE approved products and the recommendation to use them. But what guarantees us a homologated product?

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Choosing the right self-drilling screw

To design a drill bit into the screw is one of the most relevant innovations, facilitating and improving the assembly of metal sheets. But which is the right self-drilling screw I need for doing better my work?

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Stripping off

This problem happens when the tension generated by the assembly torque is higher than the nut shear strength resistance. It's important to understand why to avoid it.

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Delayed fractures

Sometimes it can occur that after a period of time since the assembly, the screws break just in the joining point that connects the cover with the base material.

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